About US

About Us

Hello Friends, Welcome to Technical GuruGs blog your destination to Learn, Earn & Grow. This Blog is about learning Techy gossip we bring News from the world, mobile reviews, latest updates form Crypto world and Online Earning methods for some passive income.

About the blog:

Technical GuruGs is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Technology, News, Cryptocurrency, and Online Earning. I started this blog on 1st August 2018 to share my knowledge of Technology, Cryptocurrency and Online Earning by my heart, I am very inspired by top Technocrats and Bloggers of the world.

This inspiration in me is because I also want to help people to grow their business and solve their problems related to digital currency and online earning. I was very impressed with the culture of hustling outside India.

People from America, Canada, and Australia are earning in 6 figures only with Laptop and internet connection, so I also started living the life of a Hustler since 2015.

Besides its comprehensive news coverage and updates every hour, Technical GuruGs offers a wide range of extraordinary insights on topics ranging from politics, sports, education to entertainment.                       

Employing a vast network of strategically positioned correspondents all over India, Technical GuruGs at the forefront of every breaking news story that matters most to the common man of India.