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Celebrating Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday

Celebrating Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday

When you think about it, it's astonishing: Jackson died almost a decade ago, but by that time, he had won a long and protected life in music. And when he died at the age of 50 only, he was eight years old when he released an album for the last time.
His career spanned four decades, in which all the highlights that took place in the years of 1964, when he made his first match, and 2001 when he made his last album, injectable. While Jackson was planning for another tour at the time of his death and was practicing, it happened during that time when it seemed that the semi had retired, forced to be forced from the stage after legal problems and health problems.
He was so fond of his musical life, to a large extent, the result of starting so soon.
Michael first appeared in public eyes at the age of six, who performed with his brothers Tito, Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon as part of Jackson 5, initially in his hometown of Gary, Indiana.
Michael was a breakout star and soon became the face of the band, singing songs like 'ABC', 'I Want You Back' and 'The Love You Save'.
Michael Jackson 70s

By the mid-1970s, Jackson was one of America's most famous artists, with a single hit on his name as well as his work with his brothers, but still in high school.
To keep it in context: Madonna recently turned 60 years old but started her career in 1982, at the time when Jackson was 15 years old of the music industry.
It was difficult to increase the spotlight on Michael: later he told his childhood alone, and his father later admitted him to kill again, Jackson forced the children to complete their work during the rehearsal hours. Gave.
Eventually, Michael removed his manager from his father and left Jackson. He removed himself from his clean family band image with the album of the wall, an immediate classic which included hits such as 'Do not Stop Till You Get Enough' and proceeded to sell more than 20 million copies.
Michael Jackson 70s

Behind him, in 1982, he released an album to the thriller - you can easily say without fear of hyperbola - changed the face of pop music forever. It included a series of music videos that pushed the limits of promo clips, with the title track, 'Beat It' and 'Billy Jean', everyone received heavy rotation on neonatal MTV. Thriller is the best-selling album of all time.
Jackson's Pride Day was in the 1980s: Thriller came after Bad and Dangerous, who cemented his place as the biggest, most marketable and most successful composer in the world. At the top of it, he also bought ATV music, including the complete back catalog of Beatles, which made him even more millions.
Until the 90s, stories about rumors and their personal life emerged, which started affecting their careers. The allegations of child abuse were first created in 1993 (and got out of court) and their grand lifestyle - in which to create their own theme park and keeping a bump called a bubble in the form of a pet - standing in the media There were fixtures, which were often referred to as 'Wacko Jacko'.
Their subsequent albums were well received and all their personal affairs started to finish. Both Lisa Mary Presley and Debbie Row (her former nurse) were both short-lived, although she was born in Michael Johnson Joseph Jr. (aka 'Prince', born in 1997), Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (born in 1998) ) And Prince Michael Jackson II (aka 'blanket', born 2002).
Outside his family life, in 2003, he was accused of child abuse and was arrested on all counts (in 2005) and thorough investigation of his personal health regime.
Jackson was taking a litany of painkillers and had to undergo plastic surgery to change his appearance, which became remarkably paler in his skin color. While they had to face bleaching charges, they put the changes in the state of skin called Vitiligo.
His last studio album Invincible was released for poor reviews in 2001, and in 2003, a documentary by British journalist Martin Bashir showed his life behind scenes, including holding hands and sharing his bed with children.
Jackson was also involved in an incident in Berlin, where he hung his nine-month-old baby blanket on the balcony. Due to the coming hurricane media, she almost completely withdrew, was retreating herself and rarely was performing public appearances.
His memorial attracted record numbers of viewers and he has still been the biggest selling artist of every year since his death in 2009.
The nickname 'King of Pop' derived from a quote by Elizabeth Taylor when she presented him with the Soul Train Heritage Award in 1989 and declared him to be 'the true king of pop, rock, and soul'. His ongoing success, unhindered by death or years of controversy, tells us that his position among pop royalty is assured.