Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kerala floods: Fishermen emerged as the biggest heroes in relief camps, one million people

Kerala floods: Fishermen emerged as the biggest heroes in relief camps, one million people

Kerala flood

New, Delhi. After the devastation caused by floods in Kerala, there has been some respite since Sunday due to low rainfall. This will not make the rescue team more difficult. But there is a danger of another problem arising. 5,645 relief camps have been organized for flood victims in Kerala. The flood has so far taken the lives of 370 people. Union Minister K. J. Alfons says that about 10 lakh people still have shelter in relief camps. District Collectors are monitoring the system in the affected districts.

He told that during this trouble fishermen have emerged as the greatest heroes. During the rescue operation, he has given around 600 boat assistance. Meanwhile, Union Minister KJ Alphonse said that there is no electricity in the house due to flood, nor any other kind of facilities. At present, there is an electrician, plumber, carpenter, there is no need for food and clothing right now. A few days later in Kerala, the airline has started.

Kerala flood help

Kochi Airport was completely submerged due to flood water. After this, the airline has been started at Naval Air Station. Central Health Minister, JP Nadda informed that the Center is providing full support to the Center. About 3757 medical camps have been installed in the state. In this, 90 different types of medicines are being sent, he said that the pandemic has made it fully prepared. The red alert issued in all the districts has been withdrawn. The Meteorological Department has claimed no heavy rains for four days.
People have been relieved of relief from monsoon rains in Kerala for several days, but on Sunday 13 more people died. At the same time, the number of people killed in floods and landslide incidents in the state has increased to 370 in the last 10 days.

Even though the flood waters have started to decline in Kerala, but the challenges in front of them due to the flood have not diminished. In front of Kerala, there is now the challenge of rehabilitation of the homeless people due to floods, prevention of disease spreading and the loss of the damage to the state's infrastructure.

Let us tell you that 7,24,649 people in Kerala are currently living in 5,645 rehabilitation camps. There is a huge devastation of infrastructure including damage to the 10,000 km road in the state.