Monday, August 20, 2018

Despite the market profit in the day, Bitcoin remains below $6,500, Ethereum loses $300

Despite the market profit in the day, Bitcoin remains below $ 6,500, Ethereum loses $ 300

Despite the market profit in the day, Bitcoin remains below $6,500, Ethereum loses $300

August 19: Crypto market picture shows signs of recovery after the major market crash of last week, but momentum has not yet been adequately increased to indicate the apparent change in the bear market.
On August 17, the first major effort to remove fate was seen, but these benefits have not been widely consolidated. At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading below $ 6,500 value point and Ethereum (ETH) has fallen below $ 300.
Most of the crypto assets seem to be modest for the solid profit of 1 to 5 percent in the day because the coin shows 360 data, some top 20 coins increase by 16 percent.
Bitcoin (BTC) is not currently trading at around 6,380 dollars in the last 24 hours at the press time, according to the Seitigraph Bitcoin Price Index. Tomorrow has been unable to catch fast but short-term spike toward 6,500 dollars and Coin has seen a slide as low as $ 6,330 today. However, since then its loss has decreased, but Bitcoin has failed to break more than $ 6,500, which is seeing a tremendous recovery to trade within the $ 6,400 range.
In the week, bitcoin is now half a percent, but its monthly deficit is 14.56 percent.
Atherium (ETH) is trading at around 1.85 percent of the day, $ 395 less than $ 400 on press time. The top altcoin is climbing a durable and gradually toward $ 300 in the last 24 hours, which is trading at $ 285 at the beginning of this period. Nevertheless, today's strong pace has not been retired to break more than $ 310 today.
The loss of Ethereum on its weekly chart is about 8 percent; In the month, the property has dropped 37 percent.
Since crashing below $ 300 August 13, Atherium continues to trade at a price point notably seen since the beginning of November 2017.
In the context of the top twenty coins, at the 11th position, the IOTA (MIOTA) has seen an increase of 11.6 percent in the day, which is trading at 0.53 dollars at the press time. Despite the inclination during the last week's market-wide crash, altcoin has now almost stopped its losses on its weekly chart.
Despite the market profit in the day, Bitcoin remains below $6,500, Ethereum loses $300

Bitcoin (BTC) dominance - or part of the total crypto market capitalization of bitcoin - is slightly below the week, now at 51.6 percent. By the middle of May, BTC dominance is increasing. On August 14, it rose 54.6 percent - indicates flexibility relative to bitcoin compared to the shocking price of Ethereum and other altcoins.

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrency is $ 213.4 billion at press time, which has fallen from $ 189 billion on August 13. Although the market has been weak after crashing last week, new research by Bernstein analysts this week has suggested that revenue generated by cryptocurrency exchanges is more than double to hit more than $ 4 billion in 2018 through the transaction fee alone. Could.